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1.    Exporting from the Netherlands



Corporate Description

 Opportunities in Internationalisation 

Opportunities to exporting

Opportunities for exporting/

Inside EU

Outside the EU

Introduction to exporting by the Dutch Chamber of Commerce.

First steps abroad

Internationalisation webinar

For entrepreneurs who want to start to orient themselves on the international market.

App for exporting

App store

Google play

An app for starting and more experienced entrepreneurs. The app gives up-to-date country information , relevant rules and regulations, and opportunities in countries.

Checklist for exporters



Evofenedex is a private association of Dutch exporters and other internationally operating companies.

International entrepreneurship

Guide to international success

The website is an initiative of the Dutch International Business Network. It offers guides on improting and exporting, activity calendar, and reports.

Step-by-step plan for internationalisation

10 steps to internationalisation


In 10 steps entrepreneurs are prepared to go abroad. The steps don’t need to be followed chronologically but all steps need to be prepared inorder to develop an export plan.

Services and education for getting international

Services for business/






Chamber of commerce/

Possibilities for collaboration with Higher Education Institution for research, advice, courses, internships and projects.

Gives advice to your business, from ensuring that your views are heard within government to opening doors for new opportunities in local, national and international markets. Provides critical business advice, services and skills development.

Searching partners

Searching partners/

Supporting your company´s internationalisation in over 50 countries.

Market and Marketing Analysis

Network creation


Build your network abroad


For information on foreign markets and finding reliable partners, agents and distributors.

Market opportunities around the world

Entering the foreign market


Market opportunities through trade missions

Information about entering a market abroad for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

Join a trade mission.

International trade fairs and shows

International trade shows

Calender of international trade shows

Data on foreign markets



Country information pages

Import conditions in third country markets

On the country pages there is information on trade regulation, sectors, trade data and subsidies.

Market Access Database of the European Union

 Logistics and Transportation

General information on logistics

Information about the world-of-logistics

The knowledge base of the Dutch logistics and transport sector

Terms of delivery


Terms of delivery in INCOTERMS 2010







When the seller and the buyer contract for trade, they have to agree on certain issues, e.ggoodstheir specification, priceterms of payment and delivery of the goods from the seller to the buyer.

Common information

Insurances of transportation

Shipping agents

Information about Dutch logistics


Insurances of transportation

Database of shipping agents

Library of all necessary information to organize the logistics.


Information on insurances


Dutch organization for expedition and logistics have a database to find suitable shipping agents


Atradius Export credit guarantees


Check financial status of client


Export credit guarantees




Dun & Bradstreet 

Funding opportunities

Company export credit guarantees against credit losses and for financing exports.

General information on financing the transactions

Check the financial health of your business partners

Dutch Trade and Investment Fund (DTIF)

Risk and Insurances 


Insurance companies


Juridical issues



Customs and export document


Submit an export declaration to Customs

Export forms, explanations and brochures


Laws for international trade.

If exporting to outside the customs union of the EU, a declaration must be submitted.

Information about customs and documents needed.

standard EU rules and links to VAT rules of EU member states

 Other Important Issues 

Social and Environmental responsibility issues

Social Responsible International Business

Corporate Social Responsible (CSR) in international business. Tools for engaging in CSR abroad.


2.    Exporting to the Netherlands



Corporate Description

Doing Business in The Netherlands


Standard steps of importing into the Netherlands



Is there a market for my products?


Does my product meet commercial and legal requirements?


What are effective distribution channels for my product?

What route to take? Through importers, agents, distributors, wholesalers or directly to end consumer? 

What promotion activities are effective for my product?

How can I find the right business   partner?

VAT, customs and excice

Dutch government support for entrepreneurs


This checklist describes standard steps of importing



Guide for importing products



Statistics Netherlands Organisation (CBS)


EU regulation on safety, health and environmental protection requirements


Chamber of Commerce of the Netherlands


Dutch government support for entrepreneurs


Services for enterprises doing business in the Netherlands

Calculate import taxes

Information on doing business in the Netherlands, starting and running your business.

The Dutch Chamber of Commerce has a complete description of the steps of importing into the Netherlands


Information is provided by Netherlands Enterprise Agency and Statistics Netherlands Organisation (CBS)

Open database of national statistics


Products bearing the CE marking can be traded in the EEA without restrictions.


The Dutch Chamber of Commerce advices on how to do business in the Netherlands.

The English-language Point of Single Contact (PSC) for resident and foreign entrepreneurs, who want to establish a business or do business in the Netherlands.

A service provider platform, covering all aspects and functions required by a business to establish and operate in the Netherlands.


Information for foreign entrepreneurs who are not established in the Netherlands.

Doing business in the Netherlands in general

The World Bank


The World Bank provides information about doing business in different countries. In this link you will find general information about doing business in the Netherlands: different data related to starting a business in The Netherlands, dealing with construction permits, getting electricity, registering property, etc.

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