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Marko Carević, CEO Shovel, Croatia

Intense project was ideal for opening new markets, which were unknown, due to big language barrier. Intense project was very straight forward, and I hope we can do it another run, for another country. 

Damir Kolarić, CEO Ortostep, Croatia

In the presentation of the INTENSE project, I found a lot of interesting information and tips which will surely help me in the internationalization of my business. Thanks, everyone. 

Samuli Suutari, Amomatic, Finland

“The main targets of the project were fulfilled and participation to INTENSE project is useful for companies and students.”

”Jyri Lehtiö, Haloila, Finland 

Participation to INTENSE project was very interesting time period and it gave a lot of new things to our company”

Frederik Henn, soulproducts, Germany

„The students‘ advice was so professional and targeted that we would like to participate every year.”

“Franziska Berge, index Agentur, Germany

The international students have worked on our topic in depth and gathered relevant ideas and information. The results were not ‘off the peg’ but very specific and this is where I see the value of the project. INTENSE is worthwile for all participants and it’s fun!”

Tripel V – Mrs. Nele Strauwen, Belgium

"As a start-up you don't have the time or resources to research other markets. Getting students from UCLL as well as from the country of destination assess whether exporting to culturally close markets would make sense, is a very welcome team extension at this stage of our company."

Rettig Belgium – Mr. Didier Westphalen 

"Rettig Belgium is part of an international group, headquartered in Finland. Even with our administrative HQ in Finland, we wanted to look into whether exporting one of our flagship products would be a good move. Having upcoming UCLL-talent, accompanied by student teams and lecturers in the country of destination, look into this most likely will bring us new insights."


Pannoc – Mrs. Caroline Spaas Belgium

"Even though Pannoc, as a pharmaceutical company, is already somewhat familiar with internationalization and innovation, which is never easy, we felt it would be an enrichment to participate in this project. We highly value young people's view and contribution on how to market our flagship products in new countries."

FibriCheck – Mrs. Bieke Van Gorp Belgium

“As a young company, on the verge of internationalization, we welcomed this opportunity to have this young and upcoming talent look at launching FibriCheck in neighbouring countries such as The Netherlands and Germany."


Logis – Mr. Stefan Niesten Belgium

“This collaboration between students who are motivated and eager to learn on the one hand and a future oriented SME on the other is a great example of how we can support and stimulate each other in our quest for growth.”

Ward Strauwen – Tripel V – Belgium Beer brewer

We have some ideas about wholesalers and retailers but would like to have students involved as sellers of our beer in the Netherlands, so that would be good to organize that in a follow up project” 

Erdal Eren Zebun, CEO AYVI, the Netherlands

I am in contact via LinkedIn with the students, I can contact them when I want. 

Yes, students have been creative, they came up with ideas on how to reach tourists in Croatia and how to have a separate approach for the local inhabitants in Croatia”.

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